Day 1

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Today was kick off for the 2012 FIRST Robotics Competition season. The new game, Rebound Rumble, was unveiled and teams from around the world were able to view an animation of what the game will look like. Here is what we all saw earlier today.

After the official kick off completed, our team met for a few hours to read through the rule book and brainstorm some ideas. We have a lot of excited students and are already bouncing around a lot of great ideas.

I want to wish all FRC teams the best of luck this year. The next 6 weeks are going to be gone before we all know it.

Day 0

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A lot of things have happened in the past year and I’m glad to be back here writing again. The FIRST Robotics Competition team I help mentor has begun regular meetings and are ready for the 2012 season. I’ve completely overhauled FIRST Objective and the site is getting new members ever hour. Its exciting to see new interest in the site and I am ready to use it to promote FIRST to the rest of the world.

For me, this is day 0. Tomorrow is FRC kickoff for the 2012 season. I’ll be attending the kickoff event in downtown Grand Rapids Michigan with the rest of the COMETS (FIRST Robotics Competition Team 3357). The kickoff is the day the new game rules are announced and the beginning of the design and build season for creating our robot. It is an exciting time.

I’m hoping to document our teams progress here on my blog. I know I’ve been away from this for a while, but it has never been far from my mind. I’m excited to be working with our team again this year and I’m looking forward to a great year.

Ready, Set, Go!

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Alright, I’m back. It’s only been close to a year since my last post; I guess that’s enough of a break. Anyhow, as you might be aware, FIRST Robotics Competition season is about to get underway. I just wanted to provide a quick link for teams to download software from AutoDesk and PTC.

Go here to get software that you can use this season for CAD and animation.

Good luck to all FRC teams getting ready for the 2012 season!

Look for more posts (hopefully helpful) soon.


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This is the first year since 2005 that I have not gone to a single FIRST Robotics Competition event. In 2006 I took my kids to our local (West Michigan) Regional, and ever since FIRST has been a huge part of my life.

This year, however, has been an exception. I was able to help our team through the bulk of build season, but have not even seen our robot (in person) after it had been completed. Not to mention seeing any other teams robots (which is always fun and interesting).

Now that the Championship is only a couple weeks away, what (if any) are your regrets in your design. Is there anything that you can see now, that wasn’t obvious when everyone began designing and building?

It always amazes me how “the game” always changes from kick-off to Championship. What things have you learned that you would have liked to have known at kick-off? Leave comments.

Invitation to the FIRST World Championship in St. Louis

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A nice video invitation to the 2011 FIRST World Championship has been on the Internet for a while and we are less than 3 weeks way from the start of the event, so I’m posting this invitation here.  

Take a minute and watch -

Morgan Freeman will be there, and you should too!

This will be the final “celebration” of the 2011 FIRST season.  Unlike other competitions, this World Championship is more than finding the winners for 2011, it is a major celebration for all the hard work these students have invested.  Don’t get me wrong, the competition will be fierce, and the celebrations will be out of this world.  It is a big deal, trust me.

For more information about FIRST, see the official FIRST website at or my own FIRST public outreach community at

If you are going to be anywhere near St. Louis on April 27 – 30, do yourself a favor and check this out.

Like always, admission is free and everyone is welcome.

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